In a block of flats or within a complex there are often areas of the building such as the stairs, garden and the roof that all the flat owners commonly own, so they have a joint responsibility for the upkeep. But organising effective maintenance and necessary repairs of these areas as individual owners can be difficult and time-consuming.BS Properties are able to implement comprehensive factoring packages for new developments and existing buildings, including the more traditional tenements of Scotland.

As factors we are able to offer the following services for your building or development:

• Monthly/Fortnightly Cleaning of Communal Hallways
• Organise Gardening/Cleaning Services
• Car Park and Grounds Maintenance
• Maintain a database of all proprietors of the block
• Regular development inspections
• Act as first point of contact in case of emergency
• Authorise Emergency Repair
• Operate and manage a contingency fund to deal with any future repairs
• Liase with secondary key holders in case of an emergency
• Act as secondary key holder if necessary
• Arrange Buildings Insurance if necessary
• Advise and organise any planned maintenance works
• Attend residents meetings if required
• Plan, provide and implement any extra services as requested
• Ensure all Fire Safety and Health and Safety regulations are met
• Handle all correspondence for the building

Whether you are unhappy with your existing factor or have simply never had a factoring contract in place, we are able to tailor our factoring packages to suit your exact requirements and incorporate extra services if required.

We understand that each building or development will have its own specific set of needs and demands and we always strive to ensure that these are catered for.

By appointing a factor you will be safeguarding the condition of your property and ensuring that it maintains its value. Many potential buyers are disconcerted with the condition of the communal areas, particularly in older properties. BS Properties are also registered and accredited Letting Agents and are able to legally act as factors.

Factoring for Tenements

BS Properties are pleased to offer a dedicated factoring service for tenements (or similar) throughout Tayside and Angus. As all buildings will have their own specific needs, we are able to offer a range of services including: 

Monthly Cleaning of Communal Areas 

Free Management of Emergency Repairs 

Donation to a dedicated Maintenance Fund on your behalf 

Issue of Annual Building Condition Reports 

Garden Maintenance 

Car Park Cleaning 

More Regular Cleaning 

Buildings Insurance 

Any other services required by the proprietors


The Maintenance Fund detailed above can be used to deal with both emergency and standard repairs including roof replacement, re-painting of hallways, cleaning of external brickwork, replacement of communal windows, secure entry repair and any other works requested by the proprietors. In order to implement a new factoring contract to an existing building, we would need a simple majority of proprietors (homeowners) to sign up. This is under the Provisions of Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004. 


BS Properties also offer a Communal Repair System that allows proprietors to instruct 'one-off' repairs without committing to a comprehensive factoring plan.


We charge a monthly fee and clearly communicate all costs involved to the owners.
We are a registered Property Factor and abide by the statutory code of conduct, including supplying each owner with a written statement of services.


Registration Number - PF000719


Contact us to find out more about how our Factoring Service can help cut down building maintenance stress for tenement owners and to organise a no-obligation property management quotation. 

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